• Sustained Growth

    The real profits are derived from sustained purchases. Once you sell a HygiTouch product, the user will need to continue buying the HygiRoll products which do not have a substitute. Therefore, you will earn more, gain a constant revenue flow and build customer relationships at the same time.

  • Brand Leading

    Branding means gaining trust, leading the market and bringing profits. To create a good brand means having good reliability and a good reputation which both go a long way. Therefore, we entrust and invite all of our partners to build up the quality of both our products and service together. We believe in the near future, we will be very proud of our large family

  • Full Range Production

    From the design to the manufacture, from the assembly to the usage, we know every little detail of the HygiTouch system. Work with us and you will find that every part of this product and this company’s philosophy successfully complement each other. We are very professional and extremely meticulous about the quality and reliability of our products. Therefore, you will see the combination of expert design and superb mechanical precision in every single one of our products.

  • Global Price System

    Integrity is the essence of the HygiTouch business, thus we want to be sure that all of our agents get a very fair price for each order. To ensure this we have set up a global price system for all of our agents. All partners will need to follow the price system we have designed for all users. This is because we want to make sure that the business is growing and that our partners have the ability to adjust the end price by using promotional activities.

  • Enlarge Business - Create Business Opportunities, no matter where you are

    It is now a good time to join the HygiTouch business. Once you decide to join, you do not need to have a big team nor a high-tech background, you can start this business immediately. Therefore, if you are not with any company and you do not want to be tied down, joining the HygiTouch business will give you freedom and help you to enlarge your own vision. If you are passionate to help others, create a successful business for yourself and develop client relationships then HygiTouch is the perfect opportunity. Moreover, HygiTouch has a strong global future, as we believe every toilet needs HygiTouch to hygienically serve all people.

  • Service Required

    Service is the spirit of the HygiTouch Business, because we believe good service brings more opportunities for you and us. HygiTouch is positioned as a consultant for increasing personal hygiene in public spaces. By joining HygiTouch, you will find out there are many good relationships for you to build up, good business fields to cultivate and tons of gold to mine.

  • Must Be You - Local Service Focus

    The most crucial way to build enduring customer relations and satisfaction is to provide premium service with a humble attitude. Therefore, the HygiTouch Business depends on the local service. Only through local service, can we give our customers the fastest care and the friendliest smile to solve every problem. HygiTouch service solutions including spare parts and replacement kits are already defined and outlined in the development step. We are seriously looking for agents all over the world to join this marvelous business so that we can grow and bring prosperity together.