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The reason to use paper is to ensure no infections and to make it less troublesome when cleaning. However from the comparison sheet you will find out that with this system you will not fulfill this purpose and you will be unable to keep costs down

Compare Table HygiTouch Paper Toilet Seat Cover
Electricity Supply No Need No Need
Convenience Instantly provides new cover Takes time changing seat covers
Skin Protection The entire seat is covered ensuring hygiene and safety. Only the surface is covered, so the paper can easily slip.
Cleaning Both the seat and shell can be lifted, rinse with water for cleanliness. Once the pack gets wet, the paper is no longer hygienic and must be thrown away.
Seat is available in different sizes, in different designs and for assorted toilet types. No customization possible, therefore not able to create a friendly environment.
The used cover would remain in the set, not blocking drains. Keeping everything clean and sanitary. Paper often blocks drains, resulting in expensive maintenance costs.
Expenditure per use $0.056 USD/per use $0.015-0.023 USD/per use
Green Yes! No
Recyclable Yes! No