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Now & Future

  • The Great New Opportunity

    HygiTouch is a new and innovative product for a well established market. Thus, this is a new and exciting opportunity for anyone serious about doing business.

  • An Upward Trend

    Within the growth-share matrix, HygiTouch is definitely a star with a large market share in a fast growing industry. Furthermore HygiTouch’s business has very high profitability and very productive sales associates. The profits will grow since this is a necessary product and people are becoming more and more aware of the issues of public hygiene. Therefore, the market will continue expanding and we hope that you can profit from this growth as well.

  • Just a Little Investment

    Starting a HygiTouch business requires only a small investment. You do not need to order a container of items to start this business. However it is necessary for you to start with around 80 sets of HygiTouch to open you up to the local market in around half a year. We continually wish the best for all of our partners and we do not put pressure on them, we only give them motivation.

  • HQ Supporting System

    Our agents will get continual support on how to start up their businesses directly from our HQ. Also, we will share our local experience about how to be successful with our new partners. The only necessity is that you agree that we are the only provider of the HygiTouch and HygiRoll products to you.

  • Easy to Learn; Passion to Succeed

    You do not have to possess any mechanical, industrial or technical engineering degree to start a HygiTouch business. In fact it is very easy to learn how to install and maintain a HygiTouch system. We are looking for hard working individuals who are very passionate and keen to service others. It is important that you have a positive attitude, take the right actions and are eager to improve not only your life but the lives of others too. Therefore, it will make us very happy to have your commitment and determination so that we can succeed together.