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The purpose to install an electronic system is to save time and money and ensure a clean environment. However from the comparison sheet you will find that with this equipment you will spend more money and time trying to keep the environment clean.

Compare Table HygiTouch Electronic Type
Electricity Supply No Need Batteries (4)
Green Yes! No
Operation Manual Electronic motor
Usage Per Roll 300 times 50-80 times
Cleaning Both the seat and shell can be lifted. Use water to rinse. Wipe both the seat and the electronical components.
Seat is available in different sizes and for assorted toilet types, this protects the skin from touching the toilet bowl. Only one size, so not able to fit every toilet. Therefore skin is not protected.
There are no electronical parts, rinse with water for cleanliness. Impossible to clean the whole set due to electronical parts, so very difficult to ensure cleanliless.
Locking System Patented locking design with no key hole ensuring safety. No lock, so no control.Anyone can open the set which would not guarantee safety.
Malfunctions No film jams. Low maintenance costs. No power will cause film jams, which are costly and time consuming to fix.
Expenditure per use $0.056 USD/per use $0.065-0.1 USD/per use
Battery Cost 0! $2.50 USD/for 4 Batteries