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Starting a HygiTouch business can be a very exciting prospect, and before starting you might ask yourself a number of questions. Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience and we can share our knowledge with you to help grow your business as quickly as possible. Also, please do not hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about the product or business. We are always willing to help, and we consider your questions as a valuable opportunity to help us grow.


Information on how to install and maintain the HygiTouch system is included in a 3D presentation. Also, you can access an online tutorial any time you need help, making it very easy to start your business. Moreover, since King Heinz Life Technology Co., Ltd. is the original developer of the HygiTouch system, we know the system inside out and have a complete range of spare parts. If there is a fault, we will always have a solution for you, and we can always offer you the best ways to fix and maintain your system. Through our professional technical support you will see we are experts in the design, manufacture and service of the HygiTouch system.



To start a HygiTouch Business all you need to have is passion and determination. We have run our business successfully for many years so you can copy our business model and not fumble in any unfamiliar areas.


Oral Skills

Once you become our partner, we will share our skills and experience with you on how to handle difficult questions and rejection. People might not always agree with you, but if you can break down the barrier and make them feel confident about installing HygiTouch in their shops, offices or hospitals, they will be much more receptive.