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Hi everyone, my name is Jason Wang, the CEO of King Heinz Life Technology Co., Ltd. I am glad to be able to tell you about how I started this business and how the product I am going to present to you really is a blessing. Before I start to tell you about this business let me tell you a little about myself. I have about 8 years of B2B experience, 3 years of experience in a B2C environment and since then I have been active for about 6 years in the public hygiene industry. After 11 years of experience, I felt that I was ready and it was a good time to start a business for myself. However at the time I did not have any idea about a product or service to sell.

Then one day, a friend introduced me to an electronic toilet seat cover. At the time I thought it was a great idea for the public hygiene industry and the product suited me well. Then after starting a business selling this electronic toilet seat cover, it first seemed like a good product, but after some time it brought me a lot of trouble and unexpected maintenance. Selling the product cost me a lot of time and money, and it was actually not a very good product at all. There was a positive though, which was that I was lucky to gain the trust of my customers. They understood the importance of public hygiene and because of that they were willing to help me to grow my business. After a while, from my first-hand experience I gained the courage to develop my own public hygiene product. I am very grateful for the support of my customers, my team and my family who gave me continued encouragement.

After years of development I am now very happy with the final “HygiTouch” product. Not only is this product very innovative and efficient, but after over 3 years of success in domestic markets, I believe it is very suitable to expand to overseas markets. Therefore, I really hope that you can become our partner, to spread this beneficial product and make you money at the same time.
Hygitouch is designed as a total hygiene solution especially for female public hygiene. Furthermore, HygiTouch helps to keep restrooms clean and well maintained. Just think about how much toilet paper people waste just cleaning the toilet seat? Also think how much time is spent cleaning up messy toilets and trash cans full of toilet paper. Moreover, wet floors and dirty toilets result in complaints and drive people away. Every good business owner knows that a clean environment and good facilities will please customers and keep them coming back. This is why we are confident that HygiTouch can make a difference in public spaces all over the world. Especially with this business there is a consistent consumption pattern so through determination and perseverance you will earn more and more.

We are the only provider of this patented product so with our support you can be assured of a solid and strong reputation with your customers. It really is an exciting product that has the potential to reach a large market. With HygiTouch you can quickly and easily build your own business. Moreover, you will be able to cultivate new customers and build strong business connections.
Join us today, you will not regret it!